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Working together on a true open-book partnership.

Here at Bowland, we have a vast network and knowledge of the furniture industry and can identify the best products from around the world to match our clients' requirements and budget.


Bowland Consulting offer a furniture consultancy with a more comprehensive and personalized service to clients compared to a typical furniture distributor and reseller. We understand the processes involved in helping our clients and their budgets.
We work in partnership with architects and designers, property consultancies and clients, bringing our extensive knowledge to the project team.
Our role is to buy for our clients, not sell to them. We guarantee that there are no hidden margins or extra costs, and no dealer commissions. Instead, we offer a clear, fixed, capped fee or partnership agreement.
We listen carefully, engaging everyone involved in the project to clearly understand our client’s needs and establish project drivers for design, functionality, and sustainability.
Having one team to manage our client’s entire furniture project means Bowland Consulting make things easy – Bowland take responsibility for every stage of the process, from early engagement and product selection to delivery, installation and ongoing furniture needs.


  • Enhances the overall quality of furniture procurement: Bowland Consultancy furniture auditing ensures that Bowland delivers what was promised in terms of quality and specifications.
  • Reduces the possibility of errors: Bowland Consultancy furniture auditing eliminates inaccuracies and misunderstandings in the ordering process, which ultimately reduces the possibility of errors in the final product.
  • Ensures compliance: Bowland Consultancy furniture auditing ensures that the furniture meets industry and safety standards and complies with all required regulations.
  • Saves money: Bowland Consultancy furniture auditing can identify cost-saving opportunities, such as bulk discounts, reuse of existing furniture and to reduce the likelihood of costly rework or recalls.
  • Improves supplier relationships: By ensuring that Bowland Consultancy deliver products that meet expectations, Bowland Consultancy furniture auditing can help build stronger and more productive relationships with suppliers and our valued end users.
  • Reuse, Recycle and Customisation: If a client requires custom-made furniture solutions or refurbishment of existing pieces, Bowland Consultancy can manage the process involved from design and collection to installation, and carry out a full site survey to understand our client’s requirements.

Space Planning & Design

We provide customised solutions for designing and planning interior spaces with suitable furniture pieces, considering the specific needs of our clients. These services may include 2D, 3D and visual walk-through presentations, but also finishes and mood boards.

Procurement & Project Management

Bowland consultancy can handle the entire procurement process, including negotiation, purchasing, shipping, and overseeing the installation process. This may involve a full programme of works and scheduling documentation in addition to on site management throughout the project.
Here at Bowland Consultancy we have a vast network and knowledge of the furniture industry and can identify the best products from around the world that match the client’s requirements and budget.
We can always match or beat the savings made through a traditional furniture dealership. What’s more, all of the savings Bowland Consultancy make are passed on to our clients.
Our purchasing power is unrivalled in the industry, we remove as many duplicated costs, hidden margins, and unnecessary distribution channels as possible from the procurement process.
We will always save more than the cost of our fees, meaning our clients benefit from our services at net zero cost and increase their sustainability responsibility.

Delivery & Installation

Getting Project logistics right is crucial. That’s why, here at Bowland Consultancy, we take care of everything, delivering your project on time and with minimal disruption. Our proactive project managers will work closely with your team and wider delivery team to ensure everything goes smoothly, always pre-empting problems and reducing risk. When challenges do crop up, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with them quickly and effectively.

Post Project

We care about supporting our clients for life. That’s why Bowland Consulting will be on-hand to support you long after the project handover. We’ll manage all furniture warranties, repairs, future refreshes, reconfigurations, moves and more – and we’ll help you to understand second-use and recycling options when your furniture reaches the end of its life with your business.

Our purchasing power within the industry is unrivalled. We remove as many duplications of cost, hidden margins, and unnecessary distribution channels as possible from the procurement process.

Exceptional Collaboration